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Vampire Tears Candles

Vampire Tears Candles

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Unleash the Gothic Flame: Bleeding Black Taper Candlesticks

Embrace the shadows and ignite your inner vampire with these captivating black taper candlesticks. Standing tall at 25cm, they drip with a touch of dark magic – as they burn, the black wax bleeds a mesmerising crimson red, casting an evocative, gothic ambiance upon your space.

A Feast for the Senses:

  • Dark and Dramatic: Transform your room or altar into a haven of gothic elegance. The flickering black candles with their bleeding red wax create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere.
  • Embrace the Vampire Aesthetic: Channel your inner creature of the night with these candles, perfect for gothic rituals, vampire-themed gatherings, or simply setting a mood of dark mystery.
  • For the Witch with a Dark Edge: Add a touch of macabre charm to your witchcraft practice. Let the bleeding red wax symbolise power, passion, and the untamed magic that lies within.

This stunning set includes four black taper candles, ready to unleash their dark allure. Light a flame and awaken the gothic spirit within!

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