Cats Live Here

Herein lies a suburban jungle; sparkling treasures, delicious scents, cascading foliage and hidden gifts all around. Somewhere to spoil yourself and recharge - the perfect hideaway.
But do cats really live here? Yes!
While I love my human and canine family, (most days), I have a an affinity for cats, big and small. Our feline furholes are strictly indoor to ensure the safety of both wildlife, and our cats themselves. Outside can be a dangerous place for a gentle cat.
Businesses stem from one's passion for their field, products, or idea. Mine came from the calming benefits I found in plants, crystals, essential oils, art and design.
But, I didn't want a name that defined what I do. I didn't want to give away my secrets all at once. So, with four beautiful cats asleep at my feet, Cats Live Here was born.
Dream big. Follow your heart. You can do anything.