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The Witch's Path

The Witch's Path

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The Witch's Path: Advancing Your Craft At Every Level by Thorn Mooney

The Witch's Path is all about taking your witchcraft practice to the next level-whether you're a beginner who feels overwhelmed, a disillusioned adept, a jaded coven leader, or anyone in-between. This book shares specific, hands-on tips for what you can do to move forward spiritually today, no matter what your starting point.

Author Thorn Mooney explores the most common themes a witch may explore to work their way out of a rut: sacred space, devotion, ritual and magic, personal practice, and community. Each chapter features four separate exercises, organized by element and designed for four different types of readers, so you can come back to this book as you grow in your craft and discover fresh techniques and exercises that work for you. You will discover tips and advice for cultivating a sense of serious play, setting effective goals for spellwork, creating an altar, joining or leading events, and much more.

Witchcraft is a deep and rich path. This book is designed to help you renew your sense of engagement with the craft so you can continue evolving your spirit, your practice, and yourself.

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
Dimensions(cm) 22.61 x 14.99  x 1.52cm
Format: Paperback
Release date: 8th November 2021
ISBN: 9780738763774
Page count: 224

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