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The Witch's Apothecary: Seasons of the Witch

The Witch's Apothecary: Seasons of the Witch

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The Witch's Apothecary: Seasons of the Witch by Lorriane Anderson

Bestselling author, Lorriane Anderson, has created a practical guide for beginning and advanced witches to unlock the greater powers of the universe. For anyone seeking to translate the earth's healing properties into your own magical blends, this book is for you. 

The Witch's Apothecary provides you with the practices needed to begin to make potions based on your needs, intentions, and energy.

With a focus on sacred living, this book is the first step in being greeted with more opportunities to bring magical brews to life. A sacred living lifestyle is like slow living, but spiritually infused and focused on mindfulness and magic. In these pages, you will learn to craft magical blends that carefully follow the Wheel of the Year. You will feel empowered to craft your own formulas for personal use, experiment, and work from nature to create magical blends.

Follow Lorriane's journey into discovering the power of sacred and ritualistic living and how you can use some of the potions in this book to inspire daily magical living to honour your soul's needs. The book also includes Lorriane's exact process for making magical blends. Learn about the various ingredients, practices, and exercises needed to begin your magical journey and start your own witchy apothecary. You will also find a selection of recipes associated with each of the sabbats in the Wheel of the Year, and instructions on how to deepen your communication with nature through these seasonal cycles.

Be inspired to create your own potions, brews, and blends specific to your needs and that honour your soul.

Dimensions: 17.9 × 23 cm
Format: Hard cover
Release date: 03/05/2023
ISBN: 9781925946796
Page count: 256

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