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Healing Spirits Oracle

Healing Spirits Oracle

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Healing Spirits Oracle by Gordon Smith 

Discover insightful teachings from the world’s leading Medium and unlock inner healing, guidance, and deep spiritual connection.

Are you looking to heal but don't know where to start? Are you learning how to help and heal others? 
The Healing Spirits Oracle is the perfect tool to help you find guidance, spiritual awareness, and healing on all levels.

This oracle will bring balance and open your consciousness to higher possibilities with answers channelled from the Spirit Guides, Healing Spirits, Spirit Guardians, and the Ascended Masters and Sages. Each card offers inspirational messages from different levels of the spirit world to help you understand your true purpose and grow on your spiritual path.

The accompanying guidebook will steer you in the direction of the guidance and assistance you seek. Whether it is solutions to the deeper mysteries of your life, protection from fears, help with healing, or finding your true purpose, 
The Healing Spirits Oracle will guide you along your journey of healing toward the life that you desire.

Find your path to inner healing, call on the guidance of spirit, and open yourself to the incredible and loving world beyond with this beautifully illustrated oracle.

Publisher: Hay House UK
Dimensions:  4 x 1.39 x 5.5 inches
Format: Cards
Release date: 06/06/2023
ISBN: 9781788178709
Page count: 120
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