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The Female Archangels Oracle

The Female Archangels Oracle

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The Female Archangels Oracle by Calista & Marie-Joe Fourzali 

An evolutionary oracle inspired by the Divine Feminine Archangels
• The first oracle to introduce the female Archangels, why they are with us, and how to partner with them to heal and empower every area of your life
• The accompanying guidebook introduces the Archangel or symbol of each card, along with an angel message, a blessing, an expanded card meaning, a reverse card meaning, and an exercise to integrate the angels’ energies into your life
• Explores how to use the cards for high-vibration healing, awakening your angelic origin, becoming an “Angel-in-Training,” or journeying with any of 34 Archangels

The first oracle to focus on the female Archangels, this deck and book set includes 44 full-color cards to help you partner with the Archeiai, the female twins to the male Archangels. The stunning illustrations intimately transmit the unique frequencies of each Archangel and are embedded with vibrational keys of angelic energy, sacred geometry, crystalline Light-codes, and alchemical fires, bringing the angels to life and creating a direct bridge into their consciousness. The deck includes 17 female Archangel cards, 17 male Archangel cards, and 10 cards with universal, powerful symbols.

In the accompanying guidebook award-winning angel author Calista explores who the Archeiai are, why they have come now, how they work in cooperation with their male counterparts, and how they can help us. She introduces the Archangel or symbol of each card, along with an angel message, a blessing, an expanded card meaning to aid interpretation, a reverse card meaning that serves as a divine wake-up call, and a “Rise Like an Angel” experience to integrate the angels’ energies into your everyday life. She details how to use the cards in connection with her high-vibration Angel Healing system and shares practices to help you embody the virtues of each Archangel and integrate their angelic frequencies, practices such as healing techniques, guided journeys, creative exercises, energetic attunements, and angel rituals. The guidebook also includes a download link for a free attunement audio track from Calista.

Offering a hands-on tool to connect with the female Archangels and take you beyond divination into divine knowing, this oracle will help you accelerate your path of Ascension, manifest your dreams, heal your heart, and fill it with Love.

Publisher:  Inner Traditions Bear and Company
Format: Cards
Release date: 11/01/2019
ISBN:  9781644115800
Page count:  176
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