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Reclaim your Dark Goddess

Reclaim your Dark Goddess

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Reclaim your Dark Goddess: The alchemy of transformation by Flavia Kate Peters

The Dark Goddess beckons you now to take your first sacred steps into the darkness . . .

If you've been experiencing sombre times and wish to return to the light you can harness the wisdom of the Dark Goddess with this practical self-help survival manual, which will reshape your dark night of the soul.

The Dark Goddess spins the web of fate and instigates big changes that lead to transformation. Each of her incarnations within this book, from Baba Yaga, Hel and Cerridwen to Sheela-na-gig and the Morrighan, will shed light on illusions and how to uncover and embrace your shadow influencer and transcend through empowering rituals, goddess magick, faery tale symbolism, invocations, healing spells and sacred journalling so you can return from your dark night whole and evolved and with fully reclaimed power.

Publisher: Rockpool Publishing
Dimensions: 2.5x23.5x15.4cm
Format: Paperback
Release date: 21st September 2022
ISBN: 9781922579065
Page count: 384

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