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Pendulum by Susanne Peymann

The use of the Pendulum is an ancient art of accessing information not available to us through the use of our senses. Basic dowsing pendulums consist of a weight suspended on a flexible string or chain. Any such combination will give radiesthetic (dowsing) reaction in the hand of a sensitive person, though in truth, only a very small percentage of people don’t get any reaction, even after basic training. In this practical guide to mastering the use of the Pendulum, bestselling author Susanne Peymann provides a unique bridge between the traditional esoteric approach and modern-day psychology. She presents old and contemporary pendulum interpretations that have been customised to provide practical support to those seeking answers in today’s world of constant decision making. Pendulum: The Magic Pendulum also includes an original contribution by Ingrid Kraaz von Rohr on Using the Pendulum as an Oracle and an excerpt from Hajo Banzhaf’s The Return of the Oracle. This unique set includes: A 160-page full-colour, fully illustrated handbook Pendulum boards and a high-quality brass pendulum on a chain A fabric bag to hold the pendulum

Format: Paperback
Release date: 03/01/2015
ISBN: 9781627950206
Page count: 160
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