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Magick of You Oracle

Magick of You Oracle

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Magick of You Oracle by Fiona Horne

The Magick of You Oracle enhances your inner vision, helping you peel back your layers, navigate obstacles and go deep within yourself to uproot recurring problems in your life.

Untangle your challenges and emerge into the light with clarity, peace of mind and an empowered sense of purpose.

In these challenging times, inner vision can become clouded. This oracle is designed specifically for the reader to have confidence in guidance that it is true, unbiased and life-changing.

These cards will elevate you and turn your face to the sun, so that long shadows of the spirit fall behind you. You will be rebirthed on your life path and can then proceed to your next adventure.

Publisher: Rockpool Publishing
Format: Cards
Release date: 01/07/2019
ISBN: 9781925682823
Page count: 120
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