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Dream Ritual Oracle Cards

Dream Ritual Oracle Cards

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Dream Ritual Oracle Cards by Theresa Cheung

This is a unique, first-of-its-kind oracle deck offering 48 proven dreamwork rituals, powered by the potent energy of the moon to unlock your noctural intuition.

It's very easy to dismiss or forget your dreams and the healing wisdom they offer. Rituals help you to train your brain to recall your dreams and their precious wisdom while also increasing the likelihood that you will have more vivid, inspiring and potentially life-enhancing dreams in the future.

Sleep is medicine for your mind, body and soul. Not only does your body regenerate and your mind recalibrate, you also adventure in an alternate dream reality where you can tune into your nocturnal intuition or night vision. In your dreams you can discover insights and messages which encourage you to look within, question and reflect deeply on what truly matters in your waking life. In this way you are your very own dream oracle.

The moon is a potent symbol of the unconscious and aligning your dreamwork with the potent lunar energy of the four main phases of the moon (new, waxing, full and waning) can super-charge your dreamwork.

Publisher:  Welbeck
Dimensions:  4.3 x 22.1  x 14.9cm
Format: Cards
Release date: 4th July 2023
ISBN: 9781801292672
Page count: 128
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