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Crystals - Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant - Sterling Silver

Crystals - Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant - Sterling Silver

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Jewellery is a wonderful way to keep your crystals close to you throughout the day. Wear them against your skin to help balance your energy and provide you with the benefits for which you chose it.

This pendant has been hand crafted with polished 925 Sterling Silver.

Photos are of the exact pendant you will receive.

Stone size: 7mm x 5mm

About Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon tourmaline is a configuration of tourmaline which exhibits a green or blue rind and a pink or red core. Please note that this is not the same as tourmaline which is bi-coloured, exhibiting both the pink and green or pink and blue colours.

Chakras - Heart Chakra
Zodiac - Virgo & Gemini
Element - Air
Vibration - Numbers 2

Healing with Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon tourmaline is the "super activator" of the heart chakra; providing for stimulation, energising, and connection with the heart chakra of the higher-self. It encourages one to look past the seriousness of an experience or a situation and to recognise both the benefit of, and the humour in, the experience/situation. It helps one to allow oneself the experience of the beauty of nature, while diminishing emotionalism. It also enhances cooperative efforts and inspires tact in all situations.

It has been used in the treatment of nervousness, disorders of the heart and lungs, and in dysfunctions of the emotional system.

Black Tourmaline - also known as Schorl

Chakras - Base Chakra
Zodiac - Capricorn
Element - Earth
Vibration - Numbers 3 and 4

Black Tourmaline can be used to both repel and protect against negativity.  It is excellent for deflecting radiation energy.  It enhances ones physical well being by providing an increase in physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity.

Blue Tourmaline - also known as Indicolite

Chakras - Throat Chakra
Zodiac - Libra, Taurus
Planet - Saturn
Element - Water
Vibration - Numbers 6, 9 and Master Number 55

Brown Tourmaline - also known as Dravide, or Dravite

Zodiac - Aries
Vibration - Numbers 2 and 9

Brown Tourmaline is used to clear and protect the aura. It clears and opens the earth chakra, (which is located approximately 12 to 18 inches below the soles of the feet - it is not within the actual physical body but is part of the etheric body), grounding you to the earth. It assists in healing dysfunctional family relationships, and helps the user feel comfortable in social groups. Can be used to to treat intestinal disorders and skin issues.

Green Tourmaline

Chakras - Heart Chakra
Zodiac- Capricorn
Planet - Mercury
Element - Earth
Vibration - Number 6

Pink Tourmaline - also known as Rubellite

Chakras - Heart Chakra
Birthstone - October
Vibration - Number 9 and Master Number 99

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