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Crystals - Vesuvianite (Vasanite) Tumbled Stones

Crystals - Vesuvianite (Vasanite) Tumbled Stones

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Tumbled Crystals are a perfect way to keep your crystals close. Small and smooth to the touch, carry them in your pockets, bag, or even bra to have them against your skin.

Despite their size, tumbled stones carry the same beneficial vibrations of larger specimens, though it is recommended that you cleanse your tumbles more frequently.

Tumbles range in price and vary depending on the sizes I have on hand. All prices have been calculated on their cost per gram. I will choose the right stone for you based on the size/price you select.

Photos are an example of the look and size of the stone you will receive. 

About Vesuvianite/Vasanite

Zodiac - SagittariusCapricorn
Element - Earth
Typical colour - Green, brown, yellow, rarely blue or red
Origin - Mt Vesuvius, Italy

Healing with Vesuvianite/Vasanite

 Higher self ♥ Inner security

Vesuvianite brings us closer to the higher realms and provides an easier link to our sense of higher self.  It facilitates the seeing and the understanding of things on this earth that have no substance.  Psychologically, Vesuvianite (Idocrase) releases feelings of imprisonment and restraint, dissolves anger and alleviates fear and negativity.  It helps to create a sense of inner security, opens the mind and stimulates inventiveness and the urge to discover, linking into creativity.  Vesuvianite banishes depression and clears negative thought patterns so that the mind can function more clearly.

Vesuvianite is renown for its ability to assist you in releasing anger and dispelling negativity. It relieves feelings of claustrophobia especially in relationships. Vesuvianite breaks the chains by which you feel bound and helps you to escape repetitive negative thoughts and actions that strengthen them. It also speeds healthy weight loss where over eating has an emotional basis. It will ease unfounded fear, chronic depression and unwarranted guilt. This stone encourages you to feel loyalty to family. Use vesuvianite to encourage team effort and reduce confrontations with bosses and coworkers.

Vesuvianite helps you feel more connected to your physical body and life. It can bring the necessary insight into realigning your mundane life to match your spiritual visions and inner truth. This stone heals the emotional heart and increases your zest for life. It opens your heart to joy, lifts depression and a lack of desire for living. Vesuvianite enhances your courage to be open to love and change entering your life.

This stone heals the emotional heart; it will keep you from giving up on life and losing the will to live. It restores joy, peacefulness, gentleness, unconditional love and self love. It lifts depression and feelings of uselessness and being unwanted. Vesuvianite draws love into your life, makes you ready to love again. It facilitates ending the need for revenge; ends hate, envy and jealously and will aid you in your recovery from self hate.

Vesuvianite is capable of affecting any of the chakras, although there is a predisposition for the colour of the particular stone to align more effectively with a particular chakra. For example yellow-green vesuvianite can help stimulate and integrate the solar plexus and heart chakras, making it easier for you to align personal will with the promptings of the heart. 
Vesuvianite is useful for the manifestation of your heart's desires on the earthly plane. This stone will guide you on your life path and will assist you in finding the courage to make the necessary changes in jobs, relationships, habits, thoughts and emotions in order to walk your true life path.  It will assist you in the resolving any issues that may arise with others from these life changes. 

Vesuvianite will assist those who are going through psychotherapy, counselling, breath work, past life regression and other modalities of personal growth and healing. 

Vesuvianite assists in the regulation and organisation of the mind and body. It will assist you in aligning your thoughts with your physical reality. Sometimes a disconnection between mind and body can seriously impair your ability to manifest your desires or goals, vesuvianite assists in reconnecting the mind and the body and ensuring that your thoughts can become reality through focused action. 

​Vesuvianite has powerful mental connections. It opens the mind and clears negative thought patterns so that the mind can function more clearly. It stimulates inventiveness and the urge to discover, linking this into creativity. 
It represents cooperative effort and is a wonderful stone to present to newly-weds, business associates, friends and acquaintances. It also assists in the control of the creative and intuitive aspects of the inner realm. This stone unlocks and stabilises your mental faculties, helping to clear negative thought patterns from the mental, emotional, and physical bodies and helps you to recognise what is important to further your advancement along the spiritual path.

This stone heals energetic imbalances of the mind and brain, balances the brain's right and left hemispheres, furthers psychic opening and development, clears negative thinking processes ends negative thought forms, revises how you think about yourself and your life. It restores hopefulness, restores positive thinking, promotes a positive outlook to make for a happier and healthier life. 

Vesuvianite cleanses and energises the aura, assists you in seeing auras more clearly and helps you keep in contact with your spiritual nature even when earthly matters demand attention.

​Vesuvianite is useful for combatting negative thoughts and brining enthusiasm back into your life. It will help you achieve the insights and inspiration necessary to move forward in your spiritual development.

It will help you in releasing unconscious fears and limiting beliefs. It will assist you to develop assertiveness and help the timid in overcoming a fear of confrontation,
​It will help you safely open old wounds and bad memories so that you are able to release them and move forward in your life.

​Vesuvianite helps align your body, mind and spirit, so that all aspects of the self can be balanced. It helps in grounding excessive mental energy and aligning the body with the will. It will draw prosperity and abundance to you. 

​Vesuvianite provides a link to the higher self and the information it offers to the soul in incarnation. Vesuvianite releases feelings of imprisonment and restraint. It is helpful for healing past-life experiences of being a prisoner, of extreme danger, or of mental or emotional restraint; it gently dissolves anger and alleviates fear, creating inner security.

Physically, Vesuvianite (Idocrase) strengthens the tooth enamel and restores the sense of smell.  It also assists in assimilating nutrients from food. Vesuvianite helps with balancing and activating your digestive processes and enhances the intake of nutrients from food. This stone may relieve stress based illnesses, calm a racing heart and pulse. 

Vesuvianite is a stone of support, it can be used to help strengthen the legs and feet, to counter varicose and spider veins and to enhance the integrity and strength of all types of tissues in the body.

It will support and enhance the healing process for those of you with poor blood circulation, high blood pressure, anaemia and heart disease.

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