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Crystals - Sunstone Sphere

Crystals - Sunstone Sphere

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Presenting our mesmerising crystal spheres – not just visually captivating, but brimming with boundless energy! Perfect for enhancing your meditation practice, easing moments of stress or health challenges, balancing your chakras, or simply imbuing any space with harmonious vibes.

Rest assured, the image you see represents the exact sphere you'll receive, ensuring each purchase is a one-of-a-kind gem crafted just for you.

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About Sunstone

Sunstone is a variety of Feldspar.

Chakras - Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra
Zodiac - Leo, Libra
Element - Fire, Air
Vibration - Number 1
Typical colours - grey, green, yellow, brown, orange, pink, peach, red

Healing with Sunstone

♥ Freedom ♥ Originality ♥ Sensuality ♥ Romance ♥ Sexuality ♥ Independence ♥ Luck

Sunstone is linked to luck and good fortune.  It clears and energises all the chakras.  Sunstone instills good nature, heightens intuition and allows the real self to shine through happily.  It dissipates fearfulness, alleviates stress and increases vitality.  Encourages independence and originality.  Especially helpful to those who have difficulty saying “No” to others.  Sunstone facilitates self-empowerment and independence.  It acts as an antidepressant.  Increases self worth and confidence.  Encourages optimism and enthusiasm.  Stimulates self-healing powers.

Sunstone treats chronic sore throats, reduces stomach tension and relieves ulcers.  It treats cartilage and spinal problems. 

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