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Crystals - Strawberry Quartz Faceted Ring - Sterling Silver

Crystals - Strawberry Quartz Faceted Ring - Sterling Silver

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Jewellery is a wonderful way to keep your crystals close to you throughout the day. Wear them against your skin to help balance your energy and provide you with the benefits for which you chose it.

This ring has been lovingly hand crafted with polished 925 Sterling Silver.

The image you see is the exact ring that you are purchasing. 

Ring size:  6 / L (16.5mm internal dimensions mm)
Stone size: 9mm x 7mm

About Strawberry Quartz

Chakras - Heart Chakra
Birthstone - April
Zodiac - Aries
Planet –
Element – Air
Typical colours - Pink and red speckles in a clearer translucent stone

Healing with Strawberry Quartz

♥ Joy ♥ Friendship ♥ Love ♥ Optimism 

Strawberry Quartz has an energy unlike any other. It is a sister stone to Rose Quartz and also heals Heart Chakra issues, but Strawberry Quartz is much lighter, uplifting and joyous! 

Strawberry Quartz is primarily a Stone of Joy. It enables us to see the happy, beautiful and pleasant aspects of Life. It increases optimism and positive thinking. If you have been stuck in a rut of negativity, pessimism, or depression, Strawberry Quartz helps to transform those feelings into more uplifting and supportive feelings. If your daily life is feeling stagnant and dull, then this stone helps you recognise the simple pleasures that used to make you happy. This is a perfect stone to wear or sit with while writing in a Gratitude Journal.

Strawberry Quartz is also a stone of celebration. It reminds us to reward ourselves for accomplishments, no matter how large or small. Take time to savour and appreciate what you have achieved. This gemstone encourages taking time to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and all those special moments in our lives. It doesn’t even have to be a formal holiday – if you feel like honouring a good moment in your life, then do so!

Along with Joy and Celebration, Strawberry Quartz encourages gathering and spending time with friends and family. Those special people around us have brought joy, love and companionship into our lives. If you’ve been working hard and not taking time out, the the Strawberry Quartz spiritual properties enable you to recognise that you need to step away, spend time with those you love and incorporate some laughter and smiles into your days.

Strawberry Quartz is said to help lift depression and reduce stress and anxiety. Laughter helps people recover from illnesses and injuries faster.

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