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Crystals - Herkimer Diamond (Diamond Quartz) Natural Pendant - Sterling Silver

Crystals - Herkimer Diamond (Diamond Quartz) Natural Pendant - Sterling Silver

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Jewellery is a wonderful way to keep your crystals close to you throughout the day. Wear them against your skin to help balance your energy and provide you with the benefits for which you chose it.

This pendant has been lovingly hand crafted with polished 925 Sterling Silver.

The image you see is the exact pendant that you are purchasing. 

Stone size: 22mm x 12mm

About Herkimer Diamond

Dating back over 500 million years, the Herkimer diamond is an incredibly unique type of quartz gemstone.

Though incredibly sought after, this distinctive diamond cannot be found here in Australia. The origin of the diamond can be found in countries across the world, including Germany, Argentina, even as far as China. Though these origins of the diamond are incredibly ancient, its name comes from the first discovery of the diamond in Herkimer County, New York in the late 1700's.

Chakras - Heart and Third Eye Chakra
Birthstone - April
Zodiac - 
Planet –
Element – 
Typical colours - 

Healing with Herkimer Diamond

♥ Transmutation of energy ♥ Amplification of other stones ♥ Healing ♥ Channelling ♥ Clarity ♥ Heightens intuition and healing abilities ♥ Dream Recall

Herkimer's unusual doubly terminated design not only contributes to its fascinating spiritual qualities, but gives it a beautiful geometric shape, similar to that of a real diamond. Herkimer diamonds have a fantastic sparkle which mirrors that of a genuine diamond, and are even often mistaken for the real thing. Though they do indeed share many similarities, such as their clarity and distinctive multi faceted design, they differ in chemical composition and the form they are found in. This difference, however, does not change the fact that the diamond is still an incredibly valuable gemstone.

Real diamonds often form round or cubic shapes while Herkimer forms crystal-like structures, like many other types of quartz. It is, however, this clarity that sets these gemstones apart and allows them to possess such a potent level of metaphysical powers through their use of light and their ability to absorb this in abundance.

These stones are remarkable in that they are one of the few true stones to be found naturally faceted. Their unusual multidimensional shape - 18 sides and 6 faces - make them exceptional gemstones for the absorption of pure, solid light. This transparent nature is what gives the stones their distinctive healing properties and is specific to quartz gemstones. These unique physical aspects of these gemstones, in turn, make them one of the strongest of all quartz crystals in the spiritual powers they exhibit. Most notably, their unusual doubly terminated shape allows them to both give and receive energy simultaneously.

These crystals can often have natural mineral inclusions within, such as carbon flecks, air bubbles or even water molecules. These all influence each individual stone and its healing abilities in their own specific way. Though clear Herkimer's are the most sought-after because of their crystalline aesthetic, alternative diamonds such as those with a smokey cast are also very popular and unique. These diffferent forms all encompass their own astral capabilities and meanings.

These varied aesthetics of all encompass a different level of healing power and it's important to know which ones suit your needs the most to truly feel the benefits of the diamond

Cloudy Herkimer diamonds

Herkimer diamonds with a cloudy hue carry a meaning of acceptance and serenity. They can be used to help one understand their greatest fears and anxieties. Ironically, lack of transparency in the gemstone brings about understanding and clarity in one’s mind - in order to tackle one’s problems, you must be able to recognize and face them. These crystals should be reached for in times of uncertainty and stress.

Carbon flecked Hermiker diamonds

Carbon flecks are also common in Herkimer diamonds. Though these would suggest impurity, naturally occurring carbon within the stone has valuable properties with regards to filtration, known to clear out toxins and stimulate healthier tendencies. These healing properties are directly linked to ridding the mind of negative thought processes, making room for a more positive state of mind.

Healing properties spiritual abilities

Emotional healing benefits

Herkimer diamonds possess a vast amount of healing properties that those who wear or practice with them can benefit from. The most powerful of all quartz gemstones, the valuable quartz encompasses several metaphysical meanings, depending on who wears it. They can be used on their own or to amplify the energy output of other smaller or less powerful stones. They have also been known to intensify the effects of stones with complementary energies, depending on what you wish to yield.

Due to their double terminations, the stones can absorb the strength you need from your surroundings and similarly expel this newfound energy within you. Whether you’re suffering from loss or heartache, the gemstone can attract the most positive energies from peaceful environments using the stones’s transformative powers. Surrounding yourself with inspiring and positive people can increase your ability to accept only the most uplifting and healing benefits of the diamond to guide you in times of uncertainty.

The Herkimer diamond's transparancy, allows it to channel healing properties using the light it absorbs, attracting only the brightest and most beneficial of feelings. By releasing your negative thoughts, space for a healthier mindset is created, making the it the perfect stone for those who wish to be emotionally healed.

Spiritual abilities

Herkimer diamonds are mostly known for their psychic abilities spiritual properties which allow the wearer to connect to a higher spiritual plane. This makes them great for clairvoyants or spiritual healers who wish to expand their practices with the use of semi-precious stones, providing a constant connection to the divine. They've have been said to heighten the senses of even the most novice spiritualists as they are easily programmable. This makes them great for beginners - they’re not only able to work with any issue you’re struggling with, but with little resistance, too.

Practical uses of the Herkimer diamond

Spiritual uses

The many uses of this crystal is one of the aspects that make it such a valuable and diverse gemstone. One of the crystal’s most powerful properties is the ability to make the wearer more attune to others' emotions and energies. This makes them especially desirable for clairsentients (those who practice clairvoyance through feeling) who wish to read clients’ energy fields more clearly.

It has even been said that the diamond will amplify the senses that detect more mystical spirits such as fairies or even angels. This can be done by creating a ‘grid’ (a circle made up of the gemstones) which can create a doorway to past lives.

For less accomplished healers or non-spiritualists, the stone can be used for more basic but fun activities such as dream recall. By placing the stone under your pillow, its metaphysical powers can cause vivid dreams to occur, making them easier to understand and analyse.

Everyday uses

A more common use of the Herkimer diamond which makes it popular in countries such as Australia include more practical everyday hobbies like yoga. Yoga is great activity to use the crystal with as it is a time for the mind and body to connect to more divine energies, especially if you incorporate meditation into your practices. The cleansing properties of the stone helps to clear the body and allow for total relaxation. Similarly, therapy can incorporate the healing properties of the gemstone as its ability to receive light in the darkest places allows a more open and accepting headspace to be reached. These benefits can help us shed light on the positive attributes we already possess, encouraging the notion that what seek to heal us can be found within.

The benefits of the stone can also be felt by young students or professionals alike. Many people wear or place a Herkimer diamond in the workplace or study space, encouraging a constant flow of creativity and a clear mind to accept new thoughts and ideas more easily.

The importance of chakras

‘Chakras’ are said to be the sources of power in the body, of which there are seven. Each body location is associated with a different type of energy and are as follows: the crown, heart, third eye, throat, solar plexus, sacral and root chakra. Herkimer diamonds promote healing throughout the body, acting as a channel for accepting light for spiritual energy to flow.

Though the diamond is compatible with all the chakras, they specifically favour the heart and third eye chakra. The heart chakra primarily focuses on emotions and one’s inner peace. The third eye chakra, however, is associated with the perception of one’s environment and intuition, making it perfect for emotional healing when it comes to relationships with oneself and others. It can also help those who wear the crystal to focus on the bigger picture and not get upset about the little things.

Heart chakra

The heart chakra is mostly favoured by clear diamonds.This clarity, in turn, clarifies any emotional hinderances we may be experiencing with loved ones. Incorporating a clear Hermiker diamond into daily practices can allow those who use it to understand their own emotional needs more clearly, making it great for times of need in a relationship or friendship. For example, holding a small diamond totem to your heart-space during a meditative practice can focus its energies on healing those unresolved negative emotions. This will heighten a balance in emotions and give us a clearer head to approach important issues with. 

Third eye chakra

The third eye chakra focuses primarily on communication, perception and our intuition. Everyday use of the gemstone  can help those who wear it accept balance in what they embrace and resist, such as a different perception or idea that can shed light on a difficult situation. This inclusion of the stone into a daily routine can prevent overreaction to simple everyday situations, allowing a sense of control. Not only this, but its benefits can help our own identity be seen more clearly, helping us understand the needs of ourselves and others. For any yogi's out there, the diamond may be used in practices to channel light into this third eye, as this chakra is necessary in controlling how energy moves within the body.


Birthstones are a fantastic way to connect someone to a personal meaning that is intended especially for them. April's birthstone is ordinarily a diamond, however the Herkimer is a fantastic alternative, given its similar colour and superb clarity. The crystal conveys a romantic meaning and has been said to bring about everlasting love. This resonates with the diamond's connection to the heart chakra, and so anyone who wears it should expect to find this in their future.

Not only this, the April birthstone has been known to possess qualities of courage, inspiring a strength from within to those who wear it. Being a strong stone physically, it encompasses a mental power only found in April babies, one so resilient, just like the diamond, it will stand the test of time.

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