Crystals - Cobaltian Calcite (Sphaerocobaltite) Tumbled Stone

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Tumbled Crystals are a perfect way to keep your crystals close. Small and smooth to the touch, carry them in your pockets, bag, or even bra to have them against your skin.

Despite their size, tumbled stones carry the same beneficial vibrations of larger specimens, though it is recommended that you cleanse your tumbles more frequently.

Tumbles range in price and vary depending on the sizes I have on hand. All prices have been calculated on their cost per gram. I will choose the right stone for you based on the size/price you select.

Photos are an example of the look and size of the stone you will receive.

About Cobaltian Calcite (Sphaerocobaltite)

Blue Calcite is a very powerful stone when it comes to soothing and relaxing the emotional body. This stone is known to calm emotions and offers mental and etheric protection. Blue Calcite is very protective when it comes to one's aura, and offers very strong transmutational energies.

Chakras - Heart
Element - Water
Vibration - 7
Zodiac - Cancer and Libra
Element - Water

Healing with Cobaltian Calcite (Sphaerocobaltite)

Emotional HealingHarmonyTranscendence 

Sphaerocobaltite, a beautiful pink red rose colored mineral, also known as Cobaltocalcite or Cobaltian-Calcite. Cobaltian-Calcite is a stone of unconditional love and forgiveness. Cobaltian-Calcite soothes intense feelings and supports love of self. Emotions and the intellect are balanced with the harmonizing vibrations of Cobaltian- Calcite. Cobaltian-Calcite helps one find their innate talents and life purpose. Cobaltian-Calcite helps with the formation of friendships and connects with through the vibration of love. Cobaltian-Calcite stimulates creativity, uplifts emotion, promotes harmony, and dispels negativity. Coblatian-Calcite charges the auric bodies and facilitates a deep, steady connection to the spirit world. Cobaltian-Calcite assists one in understanding the cause and effect of karmic lessons which one has or is currently experiencing. Cobaltian-Calcite supports forgiveness and the ability to transcend undesirable or challenging circumstances. Cobaltian-Calcite may be used to act as a guide to past-lives and to gain access to ancient wisdom, allowing the creation of a reality that is based on one’s highest potential. Cobaltian-Calcite is also useful for multi-directional energy distribution and acts as energy vortex center enhancing all psychic abilities. 

Cobaltian-Calcite may inhibit the degeneration of cellular structures by balancing the RNA/DNA structures. Cobaltian-Calcite facilitates healthy cellular development and maintenance. An elixir, Cobaltian-Calcite enhances reproduction of enzymes and promotes digestion and vitality. 

Cobaltian-Calcite is an excellent stone for those who support and carry pain for others. It is also an excellent stone for meditation and may be used to induce deep relaxation and generate new ideas and solutions. 

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Cobaltian-Calcite may be helpful in releasing and overcoming emotional blocks. Cobaltian-Calcite activates, stimulates and clears the heart chakra. Cobaltian-Calcite facilitates the release of images from the unconscious mind and assists one in achieving the Theta state. Cobaltian-Calcite may be used to stimulate the balance between yin-yang energies. 

For Gaia Healing, Cobaltian-Calcite may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy. Cobaltian-Calcite is a useful stone for crystal healing grids, as this mineral supports the appreciation of the beauty found with the creative forces of nature. 

The energy of Cobaltian Calcite combines well with Malachite. 

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