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Crystals - Calcite (Honey) Pendant - Sterling Silver

Crystals - Calcite (Honey) Pendant - Sterling Silver

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Jewellery is a wonderful way to keep your crystals close to you throughout the day. Wear them against your skin to help balance your energy and provide you with the benefits for which you chose it.

This pendant has been hand crafted with polished 925 Sterling Silver.

Photos are of the exact pendant you will receive.

Stone size: 12mm x 9mm

About Honey Calcite 

Chakras - Root, Solar Plexus & Third Eye
Zodiac - Aries, Leo
Planet - Sun
Element - Fire & Wind
Vibration - 
Typical colours - Yellow, golden brown, golden orange 

Healing with Honey Calcite

♥ Clarity ♥ Insight ♥ Action ♥ Confidence ♥ Persistence ♥ Intellectual Power

If you need a boost in positivity plus mother wound healing, Honey Calcite is your gem. Honey calcite promotes creativity and optimism and supports the flow of unconditional love. This nurturing gem brings gentle protection and is known to heal any unresolved emotional issues that exist between you and your mother. Honey calcite also activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, your center of confidence and optimism. Meditate with this stone to lift your mood, heal from the past, and create and manifest your best life now.

Honey calcite resonates with the air element and Solar Plexus Chakra and promotes a smooth flow of energy throughout the body and spirit. It boosts your confidence, willpower, and manifestation power. Honey calcite helps you release stuck energies so you can move forward with greater presence, ease, and forgiveness. Additionally, it helps you integrate external wisdom.

Work with this Natural Honey Calcite in meditation, carry it in your pocket, or place it on your altar or anywhere in your space to heal, protect, and empower you.

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