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Complete Book of Birthdays (Gift Edition)

Complete Book of Birthdays (Gift Edition)

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Complete Book of Birthdays (Gift Edition) by Clare Gibson

Discover the secret to exactly who you are based on the unique combination of astrology and psychology.

Did you know that your birthday can reveal surprising details about your personality, relationships, and health? The Complete Book of Birthdays - Gift Edition--featuring dazzling new cover art and a more portable and accessible format--is a compelling, easy-to-use reference book that gives you insight into your birthday profile and shows you how to maximize your career goals, love life, and health. 

Each day of the year comes with a complete, in-depth personality profile that, when partnered with your astrological sign, creates shockingly accurate results. After a review of the history and principles of astrology, find separate profiles for each sign of the zodiac and a page for each day of the year with a detailed discussion of the character traits of people born on that day. Each birthday page also gives: 

  • Planetary Influences 
  • Virtues 
  • Vices 
  • Careers 
  • Skills & Aptitudes 
  • Famous Births 
  • Compatible with 

Learn all about yourself and your unique strengths, then turn the pages and find out the secrets of your friends, family, and colleagues. 

The Complete Book of Birthdays - Gift Edition is the perfect for gift for any occasion, including, of course, birthdays.

Publisher: 4 Square Books
Format: Paper back
Release date: 1 January 2020
ISBN: 9781577154013
Page count: 416

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