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Charmed Broomsticks

Charmed Broomsticks

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These sweet little broomsticks carry charms of protection, wealth and travel, strength, and blessings, making them the perfect gifts or trinkets for yourself or others.

Your broomstick will be chosen intuitively from one of the four designs.

Sun: a symbol of strength and courage. Sun symbolism and spiritual meanings are associated with life, energy, positivity, clarity, confidence, enlightenment, divine wisdom, control, authority, dominion, healing, and the divine.

Pentacle: a symbol of protection, a symbol of faith, a symbol of the 5 Elements Spirit, Air, Earth, Water and Fire (one for each point), and the circle (the universe) contains and connects them all.
The point-up pentagram represents the spirit ascending above matter. The top point represents the Element of Spirit, the other four points represent the four Spiritual Elements.

Caduceus: That symbol of two snakes wrapped around a pole, known as a caduceus, actually belonged to Hermes, the Ancient Greek messenger God in charge of shepherds, travel and commerce. The Ancient Romans called him Mercury. The fastest of the gods, he had winged shoes and helmet to help him travel. On one adventure he saw two snakes fighting. To stop them he threw a stick at them and at once the serpents wrapped themselves around it and became fixed. Hermes liked the resulting staff so much he took it as his own. Hence the caduceus became a symbol of Hermes; of commerce and travel.

Heart with "Blessed Be": As one can deduce, this symbol represents blessings, love and good tidings

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