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Cauldron Tealight Oil Burner

Cauldron Tealight Oil Burner

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Brew Up Magic with this Adorable Cauldron Oil Burner

Enchant your space with the mesmerising glow and captivating aroma of this adorable cauldron oil burner! This delightful ceramic cauldron, perched atop a sturdy metal stand (17cm tall), is the perfect vessel for simmering your favourite essential oil blends.

Unleash the Power of Scents:

  • Craft a personalised atmosphere: Infuse your sacred space with the specific properties of essential oils. Choose calming lavender for meditation, invigorating citrus for rituals, or a grounding blend for self-care.
  • Enhance your crystal healing practice: Let the gentle heat of the tea light (not included) activate your crystals while the chosen essential oils amplify their energies.
  • Manifest your intentions: Pair essential oil blends with your visualisations and affirmations, creating a powerful sensory experience to support your magical workings.

More than just practical, this cauldron oil burner adds a touch of whimsy and charm to your altar or home. It's the perfect addition for any witch, Wiccan, or crystal enthusiast!

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