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Cauldron Candle (Scented)

Cauldron Candle (Scented)

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Stir Up Enchantment: The Witch's Cauldron Scented Candle

Unleash a touch of magic with this captivating ceramic cauldron scented candle! Standing at a mystical 8cm tall, it beckons you to stir up the enchanting aromas within. Choose from three captivating scents, each housed in a beautiful black ceramic cauldron:

  • Witches Brew (Red): Brew up a cauldron of mystery with this potent and spicy blend, perfect for setting the mood for rituals or gothic gatherings.
  • Sandalwood (White): Invoke a sense of serenity and ancient wisdom with this classic, calming scent. Ideal for meditation, self-care, or creating a sacred space with a gothic touch.
  • Opium (Black): Embrace the allure of the night with this deep, mysterious, and slightly intoxicating fragrance. Perfect for channeling your inner vampire or adding an air of dark intrigue to your space.

More Than Just a Witch's Candle:

  • A Gothic Statement Piece: This charming ceramic cauldron adds a touch of whimsy and darkness to your altar, bookshelf, or any gothic-inspired décor.
  • A Gift for the Vampire at Heart: Surprise your witchy friend or the vampire aficionado in your life with this unique and captivating scented candle.
  • Unleash Your Inner Alchemist: Let the flickering flame and evocative scent transport you to a world of gothic mystery and empower your magical workings.

Light a flame, stir the senses, and embrace the gothic magic within!

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