Plant Pot/Planter: Staring Fox Pot - Foxy, Foxes, black and white, sketch

Plant Pot/Planter: Staring Fox Pot - Foxy, Foxes, black and white, sketch

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As mentioned in some of my other listings, I love foxes. (I'd have a pet one if I could!) I sketched this little guy from a photograph; you can run your fingers across him and feel where the tools have scratched into the clay. He features his natural clay colour, covered in a gloss glaze.

Hand-built from white Earthenware clay, these pieces have been sculpted, carved, glazed and twice fired to ensure you a piece that will be a piece to last for generations (if looked after carefully throughout its life).

My planters are glazed with earthenware glazes that minimise moisture transfer. However, glazes can "craze" (form minute cracks) and this is perfectly normal for Earthenware as it expands and contracts with the moisture in the air around it. I strongly recommend planters be placed on a non-porous surface, placed on a saucer, or lined with plastic prior to planting. Alternatively, you can keep your plant in its plastic pot, and sit it INSIDE of your Studio Bek pot! That way you can pop it out when it's time for watering.

This pot measures approx 12cm x 12cm

** Other sizes are available to order. Please message me with the size you're after **

Hours of love are poured into my pieces, and I hope that they bring you as much joy as they bring me. Thank you for supporting my dream <3 Bek x 


* "Made To Order": These pieces are genuinely made to order, which means that they are NOT sitting here ready to go. Instead, once an order is placed, I will confirm all of the details with the buyer BEFORE beginning their new heirloom. That's right: I will make it for you specifically. This means that your piece truly is bespoke and one of a kind.

The making process involves: Clay prep Sculpting/building Semi drying Further Sculpting Total drying Firing Decorating Final Firing As you can see, there are many stages involved in bringing your piece to life, and as a general rule, I like to allow FOUR TO SIX WEEKS for creation to ensure you're never disappointed. If the weather is warmer, the drying time may be quicker and thus your piece will be ready sooner. But better to have it EARLY than for me to underestimate and you receive your new piece LATE ;)

* Shipping: The shipping estimate of 4-6wks allows for the construction time of your chosen piece/s. (See above). Once your piece is complete, it will be carefully packed and sent on its way to you within 48 business hours.

* Customising: I offer to customise some of my designs as per your heart's desire, but this isn't available for all pieces. Please be kind if you are ordering a custom piece <3 I'm only human <3