Crystals - Garden/Landscape Quartz (Lodelite) Tumbled Stone

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Tumbled Crystals are a perfect way to keep your crystals close. Small and smooth to the touch, carry them in your pockets, bag, or even bra to have them against your skin.

Despite their size, tumbled stones carry the same beneficial vibrations of larger specimens, though it is recommended that you cleanse your tumbles more frequently.

Tumbles range in price and vary depending on the sizes I have on hand. All prices have been calculated on their cost per gram. I will choose the right stone for you based on the size/price you select.

Photos are an example of the look and size of the stone you will receive. 

About Garden Quartz

Garden Quartz is a Silicate.

Chakras - Crown Chakra
Zodiac - All Signs, particularly Aquarius and Scorpio
Vibration - Number 3
Element - Water
Typical colours - Clear with inclusions of grey, green, red, brown, white, black, pink, orange and more
Additional names Iodolite, Iodalite, Lodelite, Inclusion Quartz, Garden Quartz, Landscape Quartz, and Sharman's Stone

Healing with Garden Quartz

♥ Clearing blockages ♥ Awareness ♥ Self Worth ♥ Soothing ♥ Healing Past Trauma

Most Garden Quartz or "Lodelite" found comes out of one area in Brazil. Lodo or Loda is roughly translated from Brazilian to mean mud and refers to the ‘mud’ look of the inclusions inside the stone, this also the same in the Greek Language where it means ‘muddy stone’.

Garden Quartz is a stone of journey and will allow you to heal and release past issues/traumas that are holding you back so that you can progress forward on your own path unimpeded by those blockages. It is particularly good at clearing past life or early childhood traumas that are causing you to hold fear and stress in current-day situations. It allows you to see inside yourself and realise your worth and that you are a wonderfully unique being and as unique as each ‘landscape/garden’ within a Lodelite Crystal. 

Lodelite is a great stone to use if you are planning any type of Shamanic journey whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. It has a very soothing vibration that enhances your connection with higher beings particularly your spirit guides and animal guides. Please be aware due to the uniqueness of these stone the properties held within can vary slightly depending on what the inclusions are, so pick and use the stone that calls out to you as it will be the one meant to be with you. Lodelite also holds all of the properties of Phantom or Ghost Quartz and can assist you in accessing the Akashic Records.

Assists with detoxifying the body and helping to strengthen the Immune system and helps with any immune system illnesses including AIDS/HIV. Pineal Gland and Thyroid Balance.

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